Terms of Entry - Mount Isa Mines Virtual Rodeo 2020

4 June 2020

1. General

1.1 These Terms of Entry (Terms) govern your participation in the Mount Isa Mines Virtual Rodeo 2020 (Virtual Rodeo). The Virtual Rodeo is a virtual rodeo competition being conducted by Isa Rodeo Limited (ACN 632 929 563) trading as Isa Rodeo (Isa Rodeo).

1.2 You must comply with these Terms and any additional instructions notified to you by Isa Rodeo from time to time. You may be disqualified from the Virtual Rodeo if you do not comply.

2. Key dates

2.1 Key dates for the Virtual Rodeo (including deadlines for nominations and submission of entries) (Key Dates) will be published on the Isa Rodeo website at www.isarodeo.com.au. These dates may change without notice, so please visit the website regularly.

3. Eligibility

3.1 Entries are open to all APRA members. If an entrant is not an APRA member, they will be required to pay and agree to the terms included with a day membership as part of the nomination process.

3.2 If an entrant is an Open member with APRA or any other recognised rodeo association, they must enter in the Open category of their event.

4. How to enter

4.1 To enter the Virtual Rodeo, a nomination must be made on the Isa Rodeo website by the nomination deadline.

4.2 If an entrant is under the age of 18, their parent or guardian must read and accept these Terms and enter the nomination on their behalf.

4.3 An entry fee must be paid to Isa Rodeo when the nomination form is submitted. The amount of the entry fee and accepted methods of payment will be published on the website. Nominations will not be accepted until the entry fee has been paid.

4.4 After nominating, an entrant may submit a video prepared in accordance with these Terms (Video Entry) by uploading the Video Entry to the Isa Rodeo website by the video submission deadline.

4.5 Entrants in the Breakaway Roping, Rope and Tie, Team Roping, Steer Wrestling and Barrel Racing will have the ability to generate a 'run code' on the Isa Rodeo website after their nomination has been accepted. Entrants must clearly show this code in their Video Entry prior to commencing their run. Entrants have 15 minutes from when a run code is generated to upload their entry.

4.6 An entrant's nomination and Video Entry must each be received by 23:59 AEST on the relevant deadline identified in the Key Dates. The time of receipt will be the time the nomination or entry is actually received by Isa Rodeo, not the time of transmission by the entrant. Isa Rodeo accepts no responsibility for any late, lost or misdirected entries.

4.7 The nomination form, and Video Entry submission form, must be filled in completely and correctly for the entry to be valid. Entrants are fully responsible for the content of their entry.

4.8 An entrant may only enter each event in the Virtual Rodeo once, but may enter multiple events. To enter multiple events in the Virtual Rodeo, a separate nomination form, entry fee, Video Entry and Video Entry submission form must accompany each entry.

4.9 After submitting a Video Entry, an entrant will have the option to submit an outtake video (Rodeo Wreck Video). The entrant must comply with these Terms and the Virtual Rodeo Event Rules in making and submitting the Rodeo Wreck Video. Isa Rodeo may select, at its sole discretion, certain Rodeo Wreck Videos to be part of an online broadcast to be streamed on the rodeo weekend. These videos will be shortlisted for a people's choice award, which will be judged by an online vote. The Rodeo Wreck Video with the most votes will win the people's choice award. Details of the prize for the people's choice award will be published on the Isa Rodeo website. The entrant will be ineligible for a people's choice award if their Video Entry has been rejected or disqualified.

5. Prize details

5.1 Prizes vary depending on the event. Prize details will be published on the Isa Rodeo website.

5.2 Prizes are not transferable or exchangeable.

5.3 Prize money will be paid directly to the bank account details provided in the nomination form.

6. Rules

6.1 When competing in an event, the entrant must comply with:

(a) the Virtual Rodeo Event Rules published on the Isa Rodeo website;

(b) the Australian Professional Rodeo Association Inc. (APRA) By-Laws & Competition Rules (APRA Competition Rules), to the extent they are applicable to the Virtual Rodeo and are not replaced or amended by these Terms or the Virtual Rodeo Event Rules;

(c) all National and State laws, regulations and guidelines, and APRA rules and codes of conduct, for the care and treatment of livestock;

(d) all workplace health and safety requirements and APRA safety rules; and

(e) current social distancing and gathering guidelines in place when practicing for the Virtual Rodeo and filming the Video Entry.

6.2 Without limiting other amendments made to the APRA Competition Rules by these Terms, the entrant assumes all responsibility under the APRA Competition Rules to ensure that:

(a) all stock is suitable for competition;

(b) all rules to ensure the humane care and treatment of livestock are complied with; and

(c) arenas and surfaces are suitable for competition.

7. Judging

7.1 Each event will be judged by a judging panel appointed by Isa Rodeo. Video Entries will be judged in accordance with the APRA Competition Rules. The judges may make reasonable allowances and adjustments to the APRA Competition Rules for a virtual competition. This includes event-specific penalties which are provided in the Virtual Rodeo Event Rules.

7.2 Entries will be judged based on the video of the Video Entry alone. Video Entries will be muted during the judging process. For clarity, any audio included with a Video Entry will not form part of the judging process.

7.3 When judging Video Entries of rough stock and poddy ride events which were filmed at previous rodeos, the judges will not consider the scores awarded at the previous rodeo as a basis for the score for the Virtual Rodeo.

7.4 The judges' decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.

8. Awarding of prizes

8.1 Prizes will be awarded in accordance with the APRA Competition Rules.

9. Rankings

9.1 Participation in the Virtual Rodeo does not contribute points towards rankings (including, but not limited to, APRA rankings and the APRA National Finals Rodeo).

10. Online broadcast

10.1 From Friday to Sunday on the rodeo weekend, selected Video Entries will be streamed from 18:00 to 21:00 AEST in an online broadcast. Isa Rodeo will determine in its discretion which Video Entries will be included in the broadcast. Other Video Entries may be shown in a separate broadcast which will take place earlier in the day.

11. Rejection from competition / disqualification

11.1 Isa Rodeo reserves the right to reject an entry or disqualify an entrant where the entrant does not meet the required eligibility criteria, because the entrant does not comply with these Terms, because the Video Entry is otherwise determined not to be appropriate or suitable for the competition, or on any other reasonable grounds.

11.2 No cheating or attempting to cheat will be tolerated. Disqualification and possible fines and/or disciplinary action from APRA may apply to any entrant who breaches this Term.

12. Privacy

12.1 Isa Rodeo collects information about you when you enter the competition, including your name and contact details. We collect and use this information to provide you with our goods and services. We may share your information with related companies for the purpose of providing the Virtual Rodeo, or as required by law. We may also use your information for other purposes we describe when collecting that information from you. We do not disclose your personal information to overseas recipients. To request access or to update your personal information, please contact us through the details provided on the Isa Rodeo website.

13. Intellectual property

13.1 You provide Isa Rodeo with a non-exclusive, irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free licence (including a right to sub-licence) to exercise all intellectual property rights in your Video Entry for any purpose.

13.2 You consent to Isa Rodeo and any of its licensees or assignees doing any act in respect of your Video Entry which would otherwise infringe your moral rights, including not attributing authorship of the Video Entry to you and changing the Video Entry in any way. If a person other than you has moral rights in your Video Entry, you must ensure that person provides a moral rights consent on these terms in favour of Isa Rodeo.

13.3 You must ensure your Video Entry and any act or omission of Isa Rodeo in respect of your Video Entry in accordance with these Terms does not infringe any third party's intellectual property rights or moral rights.

14. Liability

14.1 To the maximum extent permitted by law, Isa Rodeo and any of its directors, sponsors, employees, agents, officers, contractors and volunteers (together the Indemnified) will not be liable for any loss or damage you incur as a result of your participation in the Virtual Rodeo.

14.2 You indemnify the Indemnified against any loss or damage suffered or incurred by the Indemnified arising from any claim by a third party in relation to your involvement in the Virtual Rodeo, including any loss or damage you cause or suffer while practising for or filing your Video Entry, and any claim that your Video Entry infringes another person's intellectual property rights or moral rights.

15. Changes

15.1 Isa Rodeo may make reasonable changes to these Terms, the Virtual Rodeo Event Rules, or the manner in which the Virtual Rodeo is conducted. Isa Rodeo will endeavour to keep you informed of any material changes.

15.2 The Virtual Rodeo may be postponed or cancelled if there are insufficient entries or if circumstances outside Isa Rodeo's control materially prevent it from conducting the Virtual Rodeo in the manner set out in these Terms.

15.3 If the Virtual Rodeo is cancelled, your entry fee will be refunded.